Hello - welcome to our website, hope you´ll like it and find the infos you need. Some news:
* The TRAU demo is just repressed - another 50 copies!! you can order it now in the shop again or in some days direct from the band.
* up next: USURA just recorded for they first LP via Yellow Dog split release with the spanish label Grita O Muere. Fucking great stuff - but me and the band make alllways a joke: "You´re from the wrong country." what it means - simple, same band from Sweden or USA and you´ll piss in your pans.
* also in the row YSTAD demo, another band from Mallorca feat members of Trau/Usura etc.
My friend take care of Yellow Dog in Berlin, to send all stuff in time out.

Bands send me your demos, mp3. I do also single and bulk trades and open to buy stuff. ask me. i´ll send my stuff first, the reason is the same like for mailorder orders, it needs time!

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MP3 Punks Fuck Off - bag or shirt

yeah, i love mp3 and i listen a lot to them...in my car and that ones only from records i have in my collection or paid for them. BUT so many "punks" or "DIY Hardcore" kids listen only to mp3 and wanna have all for free, never buy records to support the bands, labels and scene. I can say only: fuck off! music recording sessions cost a lot of money for the bands and they share it most with a small label! so isn´t for free! so are at least donate the mp3 you wanna have! don´t steal MP3. MP3 PUNKS FUCK OFF - REAL PUNKS HAVE TURNTABLES.
bag cost 3EUR / shirt 5EUR!! postage: germany 1.55EUR world: 3.50EUR

Also trade the bag = tape! shirt = Ep or CD. bag + shirt = Lp.

upcoming stuff:

Wasted - We´ll never be so.... Ep

Wasted from Mallorca, another great band from that small spanish island. We only have some copies, so hurry up.

latest release:


Ecocidio more metallic Hardcore, Conflict, yes Conflict.... 60 maded. sold out

out now:

YD 099 Coaccion - BipolarLp

one track from the upcoming COACCION Lp via Yellow Dog and MAQUINAS LABEL & DISTRO (Mexico). Since i listen in ALAN Despotic Records house years ago to they first stuff, i loved them. Years later, i´m glad to release a Lp with the band.
limited 500copies, black 200 comes with sticker, button and patch in the mailorder of both labels and colored vinyl 300, only colored. in stock.buy here

Usura - En Verga Ep

USURA from Spanish island Mallorca. Another great fast hardcore band from Mallorca, samll island, big scene. I call it Hardcore and you? feat. Trau, Errör, Orden Mundial, CopDeFona..... sold out
buy here

Trau - demo

TRAU from Spanish island Mallorca comes with a furios demo of complete direct in your face Hardcore attack. in spain are so many great underrated bands, so don´t miss Trau and some other spanish bands from Barcelona or Madrid.
buy here

YD069 Ilandsproblem - Warmonger Lp

proud to have a new release out! Ilandsproblem from Kulma/Sweden.... so what i can say?Ilandsproblem, check the player, buy it or cry forever.
200 Lp in red vinyl and 100 in black vinyl > 50 comes with shirt and 50 with screenprinted cover.
buy here

YD ??? The Skrotes / Boiling Point split Ep

Glad to have a new Skrotes release out, after done the demo for them.Skrotes from Portugal, fucking straight forward Hardcore. Boiling Point, welcome to Yellow Dog. Slovakian Fastcore kings!
we have only 50 copies! split release with other labels!
buy here

YD ??? Knivad - ryggen full av kniv demo tape + bag

Hardcore from Gothenburg/SWE. For all lovers of Snifter/Acursed/Victims.
buy here

YD ??? Heroin SS demo tape + t.shirt

Pure noisy D-beat punk from Australia.check them out.
buy here

YD 097 Porco Dio - demo tape

New band from finland, i´m glad to release they first demo. Great fast Hardcore - if you need a "like", press somewhere a like button.... if you need cool new hardcore sound, buy it - support the band and the scene, they do it also!
100 copies.
buy here

YD 096 Perverse - Find Out Truth Ep

Finest Japanese HC, not noisy Crust, no here you can hear really the gituar riffs!! for fans of DSB etc.
limited 300copies, screenprinted cover and colored vinyl.

YD 094 A Bit OF Brainded - Frequency Of Frustration Ep

New trax from this Berlin HC band. If you like they first Ep, don´t miss the new hammering trax.
split release with Inges Revenge and Destroy It Yourself (Portugal). Total Press 300copies, we have 120.
buy here

YD 095 Errör - Tierra De Cenizas CD

Third album by Errör from Mallorca Island. Still doing their great crusty, melody driven Scandinavian style Hardcore Punk sung in their native tongue. Think about Skitsystem, Tragedy, HHIG, Disfear... This CD also has both previous records "La condena merecida" & "Matanza" - 27 songs all together!
buy here

YD 093 Fucked For Life - Distortion And Death Demo

Another re-released demo - Fucked For Life´s demo 2009. they play a cool mix between Code13, Fucked Up and Under Pressure.
buy here

YD 092 Enjyokousai - Debtors Prison Demo 2010

Enjyokousai, okay the name is maybe strange, can´t speack it so really and have no idea what it means.. haha. I love they sound, back to the 90is anarcho punk sound, 4 great trax - fast forward, without blast beats!
buy here

YD 042 Infanticide - Lunacy Ep

Such a shame, i really found 100 copies in my basement without covers. so new covers ready and so let´s deal one of the best grindy records i done! maybe the best

upcoming Yellow Dog releases:

YD 098 Wretched Of The Earth Lp

Yeah weird, was not my plan to release this Lp... i got a link to they demo and i don´t know how often i was listen to it. so yeah after a while i said "old MP3 punk -move your ass and release it on vinyl". So for all fans of Remains Of The Day -both albums will be re-released asap!- here we go with Wretched Of The Earth!
limited 300copies, screenprinted cover and colored vinyl.